Life Size Nativity
On public display at 454 Parlange Dr. , Pearl River, La 70452 each year for all of December until the second weekend of January.
For more information contact Lori At 985-640-6361
2008 Angel Gabriel
5 1/2 ft x 5 1/2 ft
2008 Angel Babies
3 ft x 3 1/2 ft each
2005 Stable is made out of fence boards from downed fence after Hurricane Katrina.  It measures 8 ft high x 12 ft long.
Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus measure 5 1/2 ft wide by 4 1/2 ft tall.
2005 Shepard
6 1/2 ft tall
2007 Angels
6 ft 8 in tall x 5 ft wide
2006 Camel
3 ft 5 in tall x 7 ft wide
2005 Wise man
4 1/2 ft tall x 3 1/2 ft wide
2005 Wise man
4 1/2 ft tall x 3 1/2 ft wide
2006 Camel
3 ft 5 in tall x 7 ft wide
2006 Art Angel
5 ft 7 in tall x 4 1/2 ft wide
2006 Shepard Boy
5 ft 1 in tall
2005 Standing Wise man
7 ft tall
2006 Standing Camel
7 ft tall x 6 ft wide
2007 Joseph
5 ft 10 in tall x 4 ft wide
2007 Mary on Donkey
6 ft 8 in tall x 4 1/2 ft wide
2005 Donkey
3 ft 1in tall x 5 ft 2 in wide
2005 Shepherds and animals
The Story about why I started this Nativity
I had always wanted to make a Nativity scene for my yard  but didn't know if I would get around to it.  Then Hurricane Katrina in August 2005  
struck Louisiana.  I had evacuated for 2 weeks with my family.  The images of that time will haunt me forever. When we returned standing in   long
lines at the store trying to get supplies was tough, not because of the inconvenience of it, but because of the heartache in the faces of the    
people all around.  People not knowing where they would live, or how they would rebuild, knowing their lives would never be the same.  So many
precious  family heirlooms, photos, homes and lives of loved ones lost. And although life seemed to stand still Christmas was approaching. Can
you imagine people trying to figure out how to make a Christmas for their children when they had nothing.  So  I decided now more than ever was
the time to do something to uplift the spirits of my community in my way. To remind us all what Christmas was supposed to be about.
I knew it would have to be bigger than life and to truly reflect the preciousness of it, I would put my heart and soul into this project. My husband
Mike built the stable out of our Katrina damaged fence boards and I began the pieces of the Nativity. Because of the size of the task ahead of me
it I would have to do some each year.  The Newspapers came out and photographed it and people have come from everywhere every year to see
it and to see what I've added.  It spans over an achier and is now up to 28 pieces.  It means so much to me to see the smiles on peoples faces
when they see it. It has truly lifted my heart and has been a wonderful blessing to be a part of.
This yr 2010 I have completely repainted the entire scene.  I also added 3 new pieces "The Annunciation".  I have also reintroduced sound as a
finishing touch. The Nativity will be lite every night from 5 to 10. People are welcome to stop and take pictures.
Christmas 2008
This is the most I can fit in one shot.
"The Annunciation"