In May of 2013 after working at the Veteran's Festival in Slidell I decided to dedicate the next 18 months to creating a show to
celebrate our Veteran's. The show was in honor of my Father-in-law Glynn Gus Gomez who served in WWII and had received many
medals including the Purple Heart and Silver Star for his heroic actions. I had never met him as he passed away when my husband was
only 8 yrs old. I also dedicated the show to Staff Sgt Michael Guillory, a local Marine who gave his life for us in Dec. 2012.
"Stars and Stripes"
(Army 2006 in Iraq)
30 in x 40 in
"Night Vision"
(Army 2006 in Iraq)
36 in x 24 in
(Army 2006 Iraq)
48 in x 36 in
"Marine Dixieland Band"
40 x 30 in
"Marine Corps Dixieland Band"
30 x 40 in
Marine Sgt. Michael Guillory
Gave his life for us.
Not for sale
Patriotic Carousel  
Prints available
"Never Forget"
40in x 30in
"Desert Sunset"
30in x 24in
WWII Piano
To see more pictures of this piano go to my piano page. This piano will be for sale.
"Sky Warriors"
40in x 30in
"Soldier's Memorial Cross"
16in x 40in
"Forever Loyal"
40in x 30in
"WWII" collage
24in x 30in
"Vietnam" collage
24in x 30in
"War against Terror"
24in x 30in
"Welcome Home"
24in x 30in
Prints available
"Chaff Angel"
30in x 40in
"Beaded Eagle"
24in x 19in
Glynn Guss Gomez
Purple Heart and Silver Star
"Freedom" show Exhibit
Nov 11, 2015 (Veteran's Day)
Slidell City Hall Gallery