Slidell , La Mardi Gras Mural 2009

Lori Gomez     985-640-6361
The idea behind the Mural is to represent Slidells family oriented parades.
Both day and night parades will be included. In order to raise money to help pay for the Mural I will am offering the public the
opportunity to have their portrait painted as one of the riders for a fee of $250 per person. The building has not yet been
confirmed. I am scheduled to begin Sept. 15th and wrap up on Nov 7th during Slidells Arts Evening. Anyone interested should
contact me at 985-640-6361 or the Slidell Cultural Dept. at 985-646-4375
"Mega Air Building"
Special thanks to Dennis and Cheryl Debautte for letting me paint the mural on their
building. It is located on the corner of Front and Cousins St. in Olde Town Slidell.

Special Thanks to

The Santana Family @

"Crescent City Color"
2744 Front St

They donated the paint for the mural.
I will post photos of the progress regularly.
Started on the mural on Tues. Oct 6th and 7th
Work done on Thurs. Oct 8th.
Oct 12th stopped by the rain
Slidell Mayor Ben Morris was the King of
the Mona Lisa Moon Pie Parade in 2009.
Mona Lisa Moon Pie is a walking parade
done by local Artist. They make their own
Oct 15 th no rain. It's coming together.
This half reflects our night parades.
This half reflects our day parades.
Oct 16th. Need to do more work on Kaitlin Monday
Oct 19th  Aaron Miller- Slidell High Band,
Kaitlin Gomez- Pearl River High Band
Oct 20th: Tara Ingrum Hunter- Deputy Cheif,                                         Dawn Sharpe Brackett - CEO St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce,       Maria Davis & Kevin Davis - St. Tammany Parish President
Oct 21.  Sharon Newton, Bill Newton                                                Cheif of Police- Freddie Drennan
Oct 22.                                             Andre Sarraille
Jay Dunaway and Randy Dunaway
I couldn't do their faces today because it was to windy.
Oct 23.  John Johnston                            Jay Dunaway.  I need to work on Randy. I
have                                                                                          a new photo
Oct 26
Oct 27. Richard Reardon
Got one done today
Oct 28.  Ed and Chris Massett                                    Cheryl and Dennis Debautte
                                          Own the Mega Air Building
Oct 30 th       Johnny Pike                 Randy Dunaway
Nov 2.  Stanley Samrow                   Kevin  Kingston
Nov 3rd, 2009
Float Riders; Top - Deputy Chief -Tara Ingram Hunter, Chamber CEO - Dawn Sharp, Maria Davis, Parish
President - Kevin Davis, Chief of Police - Freddie Drennan, Jay Dunaway, Randy Dunaway, Johnny Pike,
Richard Reardon and John Johnston.
Bottom; Sharon Newton, Bill Newton, Andre Sarraille, Ed and Chris Massett, Peyton, Cheryl and Dennis
Debautte, Stanley Samrow,Sam Caruso and Kevin Kingston.
King od Mona Lisa Moon Pie 2009 Mayor Ben Morris
Slidell Band Member - Aaron Miller
Pearl River Band Member - Kaitlin Gomez
Flure De Lis Dancer